PASTEL PRETTY // Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe in POLAND


In a small Polish town on the Baltic coast, Sopot, recently-opened Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe is delighting both locals and visitors with its soft, clean design and yummy pancakes & crepes.  Designed by Sopot-based P/B STUDIO, the approach was in keeping with a very cheerful, seaside vibe with coastal accents of navy, dusty corals, roping, metal fixtures, and ratan -- Oh, and of course, lots of light wood.

Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe
Dworcova 7
81-710 Sopot, Poland

GIFTED / Retro Turn Table


In its travel-size suitcase, the Portable Coupe Turntable from Crosley Radio will not only play some vinyl music stuff, it will remind you of the days wen you used to buy it as a young teen dying to hear Madonna's newly released 'Like A Virgin' album.

Featuring a diamond stylus needle and a built-in speaker, the Coupe Turntable plays three speeds, just like they used to (in case you can still remember what that means).

The Portable Coupe Turnable by Crosley Radi
L 4.75” W 15.50” H 10.75” 
3 Colors 
Available at


TIME FOR / Spring

NEED / I'm Outa Here Passport Cover


Having a passport cover is not about style.  Well, ok, maybe it is.  Just a little.  I love this case, because it's sassy and it's something I say all of the time.  Also the color palette is one of my faves -- rose-gold layered on a faded orchid pink.  Plus the calligraphy style is childish bordering on obnoxious.  And then it's all lower case.  And so silly. It's very, very sillies.

But having a passport cover can legit save you from some compromising situations.  For example, if you haplessly put it in your jean pocket and forget that it's there, and then to firmly fold and press your jeans into an overnight bag for your sexy weekend getaway to the beach -- and then remember it after you returned from the beach and your sexy weekend getaway bag got swallowed up by the sea, multiple times, really, too many to count, because you were too preoccupied about saving your glass of wine from toppling over.  

Apparently officers at customs don't like passports that have been folded in multiple spots and then drenched in salt water.  I mean, if you had already hooked up your passport to a substantial leather cover of some sort containing a witty self-deprecating meme -- the likelihood of you forgetting your passport in your jean pocket could be significantly reduced.  Just a head's up.  

The Getaway I'm Outta Here Passport Holder
Available at Red Dress Boutique

MAISON / Horizontal House in ARGENTINA


The design premise for this unique bungalow (aka 'horizontal house') was simple: integrate with nature as much as possible.  Using natural materials such as wood, marble and concrete, architect firm DIVISARE played around with proportion and space, ultimately delivering a unique living space in a challenging environment (a suburban area, I mean -- they can be nasty).

The house is divided into two main areas; the north-south axis gathers the garage, kitchen, living, dining and service units, while on the east-west corridor are located the private areas, finishing in the main suite.

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